smittenlotus (smittenlotus) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for Poke'mon Mate and dot sprite pins!

Long time no see, everyone! I hope everyone has been doing well!

I fell out of collecting for some time with some financial bumps in the road, but I'm slowly picking back up whatever I can. I certainly haven't forgotten all of you and the lovely people I've done business with here! I've decided to shift away from my Poke'dolls at the moment (my previous main collection). Instead, I'm working on finding cute pins!

For Poke'mon Mate, I have Hilda (or Girl Player) and N so far, which I bought back in the day where it first came out on this very comm. I have an Elesa pin on the way. I may be up for purchasing some seconds though, along with whatever else I can find. The only dot sprite pin I was able to get back in the day was the Munna pin, so I'm hunting those down too. I'd love to look at whatever anyone has available. (If anyone has any round and small button pins, I'd love to give those a look too.)

There's also one adorable want that I'm wondering if anyone can help me out with. It's listed on ebay as "Poke'mon Wakuwaku Get Kuji 2013 Mewtwo." (Hopefully that's the accurate name for it!)


I'd love to pick this little guy up if anyone might happen to have one, and be willing to part with it for $30-40 total (that's with shipping). Thanks, guys!

EDIT: Found one! Thank you, chromapika! *happy squeal* <3

Tags: mewtwo, wants
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