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Collection Update and a little story

So not to long ago I moved from the downstairs to the upstairs (back to my original room) and had to reorganize everything. I decided to do a collection update while everything is all clean XD

First off are my shelves


Top shelf!
I used to have a bunch of flying/winged misc. figures here but decided to put my Raikou plushies there instead.

Here we see my shiny Raikou which I've decided to call Nemesis. Yup as in Star Trek Nemesis.
Here is the story! So After seeing denkimouse's Raikous name Romulus and Remus (which are freaking adorable names!!) I thought that it was kind of funny because I love Star Trek, and not just Star Trek but Romulans specifically! Seriously I have this hanging in my room!


Coincidence!? I have no idea but it's just so cool to think that we both love Raikous and Romulans XD hehe


So moving on we have my 2nd shelf
The Raikou shelf! All reorganized and perty
New additions include a lot actually XD like the coin purse, some figures, stickers, the bag, and the large flat.
If you guys have any questions regarding any of the Raikou merch feel free to ask :)


3rd shelf is my Yveltal shelf!
New additions include the bags, the TCG mini album, a few figures, the coins, and the cloth.
I have a few Mightyena things in the bottom right corner which will get it's own place some day.


On to the plushies!
I plan on placing shelves around my wall and organizing the Pokemon plushies accordingly in the future.
I plan on keeping just my non Pokemon plushies on my bed.
New additions include the large Pumpkaboo, and large Latios, continued...


Absol, and Houndour.


Then there's my first Pokedoll, my Japanese Raikou <3 and the new MPC Pumpkaboo (new)
I like to keep these 2 by the head of my bed because they are just to awesome to look at :)

So yeah that is my collection

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