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Spring Secret Swap Gets!!

My Secret Swap gift has arrived and it is magical!

spring swap gets_Fotor

EEEE! Here it is! (Ok there was a lot of candy too but I ate it all LOL!) My Secret Swap partner was pikachux !!

First up Quagsires!!
I have a ton of Quagsire stuff so the fact that Pikachux took the time to find a couple things I don't have is super cool!
quagsire gifts
First we have some friggin sweet Quagsire Party Plates!! I love that the art has the white toe tips. For some reason I really love that detail. I contemplated getting these before and now I have them! :D
Also have a pair of super cute buttons! Look at that happy Quag and a surprised little Wooper to match!
A fantastic custom drawing of my fav newt ~ Eeee <3 it.

And here again larger for your viewing pleasure:
A Quagsire info page! EDUCATE YOURSELF! lol. I love the "Descrption." Quagsire is kinda like the aquatic Honey Badger; bumps his head? He don't care.

The package also included a cute little charm set and some trading cards with wonderful Quag art!

And last but deff not least, in fact, BEST OF ALL!!

Little Tales Pikachus! Guys. Seriously. I love Quagsires and all... but there is just something about this Promo that is SO perfect. I'm so in love with these tiny little guys. Just look at those eyes and those pink little cheeks! EE and the girl has a <3 tail. So perfect. I love them, they are one of my fav things I own! /swoon. I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Thank you so much Pikachux, you really went out of your way to make my gift special to me. Thank you thank you thank you.

sss gets
^^^ Amazing GIFT group shot!! ^^^

And to tie it all up heres a shot of them in their new happy home:
I need to work on the arrangement, I just recently un-packed everything from our move, and the shelves are too small for the step thing I was using so I'll have to figure something else out.

Thank you again PikachuX

Happy Spring Swap to me!

Also blurb in if you haven't yet entered check it out:

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