sproutpaw (zigguppafu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

THIS IS HUGE FOR ME! (first collection update!)

The past few years my collection has been growing but been stuck in boxes because i had no space for it. This weekend my boyfriend and i got a second room and i immediately bought some new shelves for it. He helped me build them this morning and i spent all day today deciding which ones get a shelf spot and which stayed in storage.(I still have a few boxes of plushes that would'nt fit. :c ) I'm so happy i'm crying! :,D Click the cut for more pictures!


Pikachus Get Their Own Corner!
Pikachu Corner!
Top of Dresser
Top Shelf
Second Shelf
Third Shelf
Fourth Shelf
Fifth Shelf
Bottom Shelf

This is a photo of my collection as of 4 years ago:
4 years ago
My collection grew considerably, and i also lost a considerable amount of weight. c:

I guess i've technically been collecting since i was 10, since i wanted to re build all of the items my mom had thrown away in the "Anti-Pokemon" phase. But i didn't really realize or refer to myself as a collector until about 4 years ago when i really noticed how much pokemon merch i had and how much more i really wanted. xD
I also have MANY posters, wall scrolls, a cool clock, badges, almost every VHS tape, all seasons up until Diamond and Pearl, all movies, books upon books of cards, clothing, etc, etc. Practically everything i own is Pokemon related. xD

I could never pick just one item in my collection, but i do favor my raichus and dragonites a bit more than the rest. They took a lot of patience (and money) to find and actually buy! c:

Thank you for looking! :D <3
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