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GigaPlush GA - Extras Claiming Post

Howdy! :)
The Gigaplush GA is ready to ship from Japan to me, but we're still waiting for some folks to pay for part 1, so here are some plushes that need homing to offset the surely mighty Payment 2.

How does this work? This is not a sales post.

  • IF you took part in the GA from the start: You may claim plushes at their base cost of $5. This will be added to your Payment 2, and the plush will ship with your items (Payment 3)

  • IF you have not taken part in the GA: After 24hrs you may claim any remaining plush marked on the pictures. You pay within 48hrs for the base cost of the plush. You pay two payments - one now, one for shipping when the plush arrive with me.

All plush highlighted on the pictures are available at $5 a pop before Paypal fees.
Failure to read the GA Rules, the two rules above, or understand the function of this post may result in your comment being passed over.
^ Meloetta, Meowth holding Pika Pokedoll, Snivy: $5 Each
^ Sparkly Ambipom, Lotto Zorua, Mystery Zorua: $5 Each
^ Shaymin 1, 2 &3, Pikachu 3 and Elekid: $5 Each

GA Participant Tags:
aurorabeams _deft_o_k demizeh hammiekia mastershambler mcmc11 pocketmonstrmeg poptart_pixels princesspichu shiny_zekrom soge94 superkpopholic agui_chan - Thank you all for paying Part 1 in good time and making my life easy!
Last warnings for: raikourai gundamshenlong - If you do not >> pay << in 48hrs I will offer your plush to the comm as you're leaving me waiting on Payment 1. You may not claim plush from this post.
Whilst we're here, I may as well tag this want at the end:
Tags: ambipom, elekid, group auction, meloetta, meowth, pikachu, plush, riolu, shaymin, snivy
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