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Re-Intro and Wants

Hello everyone! It has been so long! First of all, here is a quick get pic for those not wanting to read the rest. :P
Sorry, my pics today are just on my desk since my craft area is covered in last minute cosplay stuff. These are three of the Nanoblock sets released in Japan. I may try to remake these out of Lego eventually, as I did so with the Mega Blok sets in the past. For those who don't remember me or are new, my name is Spoony and I am a big fan of Ghost Pokemon and Halloween-themed items. My favorite Pokemon are Haunter, Litwick, and Pumpkaboo (among many others). Unfortunately, I simply have not been able to spend much on Pokemon as I have become more and more of an AFoL (Adult Fan of Lego) and am spending my money elsewhere. I got sales permission before my absence, so I might even end up selling some of my side items soon... If you are a fan of Lego AND Pokemon, give me a shout out; we will be friends. On a related note, those who use Bricklink might be able to purchase a set of my own design starting in May. If not, then I will post the instructions on YouTube and you can try to make them on your own once you find all the parts. Here is a pic of the three designs I have submitted.
These are built to 2x Pokedex scale compared to minifigures, though Charizard has a big head; this was for added detail and since the anime kinda throws the official scale out the window anyway much of the time. I would love feedback and will take into consideration any other iconic Pokemon suggestions you think would work well in Lego.

Finally, on to wants and the main reason I am on this community right now. Because I can't indulge too many hobbies at the same time, I won't be buying for myself again until Halloween (unless I fall off the wagon), but my girlfriend's birthday is coming up and she loves charms. If you have several charms on sale or know of someone who does, please let me know! I am not exactly sure which Pokemon I would get her this time, but she likes cute ones and ones we can switch out with the seasons (she mostly has Halloween, Christmas, and flowery Pokemon currently). Any leads you can provide would be great! Thank you!
Tags: blastoise, bulbasaur, charizard, charmander, squirtle, venusaur
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