taytaychann (taytaychann) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick want.

Mother's day is coming up and I actually found something I want to get for my mother! The psyduck poketime strap. Idealy I plan for her to use it on her keys. I figured it'd be a cute little sentimental present to give, that reminds her of something we both found hilarious. :3
Appreciate the help guys!

EDIT: Also interested in mawile merch! please show what you have! Interested in the megamawile badge from the newest set. I believe mawile is becoming another collection for me. xD

Little background story under the cut if you want to read it!

When I was little I had a vhs of pokemon that had the episode where Ash and CO. had to get medicine to a sick pokemon. In said episode Psyduck used tailwhip against cloyster. My mom found it hilarious and he's been her favorite ever since :,)
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