angelberries (angelberries) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hello! I come with some pennies in my fingers, and a want in my heart! I want.....


Items! I'm mainly looking for -

Motion Gallery Fennekin
regular fennekin kid
MPC plush
Petit plush

Annnnnd more. I have very few Fennekin items really, just the pokedoll, a few cards, with you badge, tomy figure, and a few more bits.

Also looking for BRAIXEN!
But I don't think theres many items? I currently have the tomy figure, plush, and some cards. I don't want the clearfile. Is there anything else Braixen available out there?

Also, if you had anything Sylveon, just a kid or figure or something, at the same time.....

I want to purchase a couple items at a time, maybe.... but I'd prefer to buy from UK/Europe, or Japan (etc.) Shipping to me from the US, Canada, etc. is so expensive for tiny items now. :/

AND because I have a get.... heres a GET!

My parcel arrived from caddieneko today. I was so glad to see my juice cans! The Sylveon ones already gone to live with..... sylveon.

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