laprastg (laprastg) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Auldey Figures + Question

I have heard some claims from another user that there is a strong chance that 50% of the Auldey figures (from 1996-1999) are bootlegs. I have purchased several Auldey figures in the past and the only one that looks somewhat bootleg-like is Squirtle, which I purchased on its original card. Does anyone know anything about this? I always thought that Auldeys were just the TOMY figures given a new name, packaging, and very slight styling changes and sold in China.

Also, I live in the great state of Florida. I'm not going to give out intimate details, fearing that Pedobear might find me, but I live somewhat close to the Georgia border on the east coast side. Does anyone know of any shops that sell the older TOMYs in Florida? I went to one shop that sold collectables around the ghetto part of Jacksonville and I acquired a TOMY Mewtwo figure that was in detestable condition for 50 cents. That's all I know of.

Until next time, America (a quote from my favorite TV show).

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