♡ Kami ♡ (pastelkittyy) wrote in pkmncollectors,
♡ Kami ♡

Sales update, lowered prices! :3 + Eeveelution clips GB update!

Hey everyone! I added some ramen stickers into my sales and lowered everything, so please check it out! Everything needs to go. <3

Click the banner below to be taken to my sales~!

Also, those participating in my Eeveelution clips GB- I am still waiting on the package, but I think it may come tomorrow! I will let everyone know as soon as it arrives. Thank you all for being so patient!
Tags: eevee, emolga, group buy, mewtwo, minun, oshawott, plusle, sales, shaymin, snivy, sylveon, woobat
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