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ClassyPersian and friends bootleg plush guide!

Hi guys as promised I will upload my guide, enjoy ^_^ I'm a little nervous XD

Hello comm!! I have been doing research on bootleg banpresto plushies of late, and I decided to share my findings! ^_^ no more looking at your plushies unsure like:

                                                     Banpresto Guide
Okay, so from personal experience, the bootlegs I have received do NOT have a hangstring/chain or the blue shopro sticker on the paper tag. In fact, I read that some bootleg products scan and print the logo on instead of having an actual sticker, so remember that! It can be a very important key to tell if it's legit or not.  But hey, what's a tutorial without pictures? Seeing is believing!

image image
This is my first example, some comparisons. On the top pictures, left is the bootie and the right real.  On the left the eyes are to far apart, bad stitching, cheap fabric, no head string, and incorrect tag, the real tags always have the shopro sticker.

 As for the dragonite, right is real, left fake.  The eyes are drastically different, wrong fabric, no head string, and incorrect tag.

fake vs real tag!
image image

These are examples of legit products! They have the right material, headstring/chain, and hangtag! Plushies with accessories like the Halloween and contests series, bootleggers will most likely not include them. Mudkip, torchic, and maybe raichu? Are korotto manmaru, which translates to roly-poly chibi plush ^^

Next is a tush tag comparison, amparios's tush tag looks faded compared to Raichu's tag! The masks look different too, these were both made in the same year.

Finally, I give you even more bad stitching examples! The back of the wing is an huge eye sore! Look at that green poking out ugh! Dragonite's eye, like 99% counterfeits, has terrible stitching, And as for  amparious, the tail is about to lose all it's stuffing, and The strips on the tail are not even either, you can tell it was made in a hurry! I also noticed with this material there's like these lines, maybe bc the material not filled in all the way? I suck at explaining this.
Final thoughts:
•well you read the guide and realized you did get a bootleg, what now? You may ask.  Well they make great travel buddies and cuddle pals for cats and dogs who won't tear them up! Although mine can care less XP after watching toy story 3 with my little cousins, I kinda want to burn my dragonite one 0~0 I want to create an alternate ending XD heheheh!!
•For those of you who own 2004 banpresto plushies that have  yellow headstring and red print on the tush tag it's totally fine ^^

•some plushies will have parts with a plastic/leather feel to it, this is called vinyl! Thank you Arica96!

•you can get legit banpresto products from here (pkmncollectors) because it's against the rules to sell bootlegs unless labeled as such, animeraro, japanvideogames, and certain ebay sellers from America and Japan! Just watch out for Hong Kong, I've seen a couple of legit sellers here and there, but I noticed that some sellers were stealing pictures from someone else,  because I kept seeing the same I love pikachu plush that was in someone's kitchen I believe, but with different prices so I checked and it was all these different Hong Kong sellers!! Yikes!! So ebay is a 50/50 I would avoid stock photo purchases just because there's no guarantee if it's legit or not, unless you know the seller. Offical online stores that use them are fine ^^

lets work together to spread awareness about bootlegging and put a stop to collectors getting scammed! slaps bootleg plushies

take a look at the other guides made by fellow collectors, they worked very hard on them!!

                                             Pokecenter Guide

To start off, miles_dixon agreed to let me put  a link to  a bootleg article posted  awhile back, thank you so much, it's very detailed :)

as for my opinion, if you are worried about having say a bootie Litleo plush, the differences are pretty obvious :T


US trust is a bootleg seller, from the states jeez!! I knew it was a fake right off the spot, just look at the color and eyes, very off!! So sadly, tags can't really be a sure thing to tell if a plush is legit :/ but never fear!! You will know right away if something is wrong, they all look derpy!! ^^ personally this is why I prefer banpresto plushies just because there are so many things added to them.

                                                          Pokedoll Guide

j_ule made this amazing pokedoll guide! She may add a few things later, but it's very detailed so she may not even need to in my opinion ^^ thank you again!!

this is a link to bootie sellers

feel free to add legit and fake ebay ppl! And any information I may have got wrong or left out :) let's make this a group effort ^^ feelings won't be hurt, just be nice about it! I apologize if my grammar was not the best, I haven't written an essay in 3 years >< so my skills maybe off, I wrote this on my iPod touch and you all know how auto correct is -__-

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