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Recent Gets! :3 + Show me your collections!

Hellu durr everyone! How's everyone doing? :3
I just wanted to share a few quick gets with my main faves, that I've  accumulated  over the past few weeks or so!
Mini grail included! ;D

Many gets! :D


So first off, do you see him? Do you see my little mimey pokedoll charm? :') I lost a small bid war when I first joined the comm, and was a bit heartbroken, however, I was given a SECOND CHANCE! :D I got him for a reasonable price, and I just couldn't be more thrilled! :')
He was certainly a mini-grail. ^_^

I never expected to be collecting so much mime jr stuff, but I really don't regret the decision! He's soooo growing on me. :')

Secondly - SWING CHARMS! o_o
The flying Heracross is part of my SSS gift from acidmimi ! I had JUST bought the normal one from a comm member, and I thought she gave me the same one (which would be more than ok, since it was a gift and sealed) but as it turned out, they were different! HOW AWESOME! Two different 'crossys. <3 I am totally addicted to swing charms btw.
I also FINALLY got the Mr.mime swing charm, from the same seller here in the comm who sold me the normal Heracross! He's stunning.
The Gastly is actually from Etsy! I purchased him SUPER cheaply as a necklace, but I realized I wouldn't wear it too often, so I took a Golem swing charm I don't use/collect and made Gastly back into a swing charm. ^_^ Now I just need Haunter and Gengar! :D


These guys are the best! I officially have:
Mime jr, Heracross, Lapras, Munchlax, Combusken (going to a friend) and Heracross' rival - Pincir!
Heracross was the one I wanted the most - I LOVE that he matches my Swing charm from Acidmimi! Now I just need the ATTACK KID (let me know if you have him for sale.  <3)
Mimey looks like a Pokedoll figure, it's adorable. :')


Next a few figures I couldn't resist!
I had NO idea the Pokeball figure (from kayeechu1993) was so cool! The Pokeball opens when you put the little magnetic coin underneath - IT'S TOO CUTE! They have plenty of Pokemon with these, I HIGHLY suggest you get one with your fave Poke! ^_^
The bottle cap one was one I wanted for a long time. I was unaware of the scuffs, but I still really like him. <3

Last but CERTAINLY not least a MIP mime jr keychain, also from kayeechu1993 !
I really love this guy, he has the CUTEST pose, and he is STAYING MIP. :3


Also I am really curious, is anyone a collector of the following? If so I would LOVE to see your collections! :D
I've just never seen any of these guys collected! Also, if you collect an "outcast"/unusual Pokemon, I've LOVE to see it! ^_^


Oh also, thank you so much for all the lovely compliments about my jewelry in this last post I did:
I had a realization that I also had one of EVERY Eeveelu kid bead necklace in my store right now! :D
Click the pic to be transported to that section of my store!
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