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Updated my Sales Post with a bunch of new stuff and Unexpected Semi-Grail Get!

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 8.52.10 PMScreen Shot 2014-04-14 at 8.57.02 PM

Ive updated my Sales Post with a bunch of new stuff (You might have to dig through to find them xD). Preview above.

Also, I plan to change my username soon, any suggestions for a good transition since I don't want people to forget about me! Im a little less than halfway done with my collection website so hopefully I will be done in the next couple of weeks? (Cross my fingers) I started to look for and collect "Grabby Figures" so if anybody has some, I'd be interested in purchasing them! Thanks!

[Battle Gum Pickups]
For the battle gum pickups, I have gotten them and replied to your original post in my previous auction page. Need locations for totals.

slothyshroom - 1 Box XY Battle Gum
nmtr37 - 10 Packs BW Battle Gum
chaos_21 - 5 Packs XY Battle Gum
nasija - 4 Packs Fizzy Candy and 3 Packs XY Battle Gum

2014-04-14 14.33.462014-04-14 14.34.03
What could this giant Pokemon Center bag be!? Click the cut for more details~~~~
[Unexpected Semi-Grail Get!]
2014-04-14 14.22.57
Oh look its another giant bag! Wait there seems to be some kind of drawing on the bag? Lets take a closer look!

2014-04-14 14.23.09
Aw there are sleepy pokemon sleeping in little beds! I guess you know what this is from! The Pokemon Dream Collection~

2014-04-14 14.20.18
Omg this is just about the cutest thing ever!!!!!! I love how Tepig's ears come out instead of embroidered on. So I stumbled upon this cutie on Y!J randomly and decided I must have it. The bid war on this wasn't too intense but I didn't know it came with the tag and the pillow dust bag, even better! I don't want to use it for fear or ruining it. What do most collectors do in this dilemma?

2014-04-14 14.23.182014-04-14 14.23.25
Lovely tag and artwork!

Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 1.21.46 AM
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