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Plush Collection!~ (and auction reminder!)

I've been here for a while, and I realised today that I haven't posted my plush collection yet! It's currently taking over our spare room! ^-^

Check under the cut for close-ups and more!~
My beloved Pikas! My favourites are probably the hand puppet and anniversary plush (with the cute hat!) Also in theis photo - Andyboyh's Mudkips, and some of my Pachirisu ^-^

This is a bit of a mixture - I had to put Gira next to Shemi though!~ I love how annoyed Gira always looks XD  You can see my Bunearys to the left of them, and cute little Combee~ ^-^

More Sheimi and other cute Legendaries - I adore Jirachi~ ^-^ Meowth looks like he's desperately trying to be part of the gang ^^;

This section is not all Pokemon, but it is where I keep my friends plush and beanies. so you can see a few dotted around! The big Pika next to the Fan at the back is a hat we got when we did the stamp rally in Japan~ ^-^

oh! Also, a reminder - our kids auctions end in a few days, and there are swtill some without bids (like Charizard~ ^-^) so take a look if you fancy picking up some cheap cuties! There are quite a few old and rare kids, so please check it out!~ http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/1690791.html - Good luck to everyone bidding! ^0^

Next post - the Poke-cake!

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