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Kids Auction

Hey everyone!!!

So, I would like to do a small auction. I found some kids I wanted on ebay, and I don't need all of them. The ones I want have the red marks on them. The rest are up for grabs.

Ok, so first we have:
* #025 Pikachu (Volt Tackle)
* #101 Electrode (Explosion)
* #121 Starmie (Rapid Spin)
* #144 Articuno (Ice Beam)
* #145 Zapdos (Drill Peck)
* #146 Moltres (Flamethrower)
* #196 Espeon (Future Sight)
* #197 Umbreon (Mean Look)
* #207 Gligar (Guillotine)
* #235 Smeargle (Sketch)
* #286 Breloom (Sky Uppercut)
* #289 Slaking (Yawn)

*113 Chansey
*194 Wooper
*198 Murkrow
*201 Unown
*223 Remoraid
*244 Entei
*254 Sceptile
*257 Blaziken
*260 Swampert
*311 Plusle
*312 Minun
*335 Zangoose
*336 Seviper
*342 Crawdaunt
*374 Beldum

I haven't gotten them yet... but they are on their way here. Should I start an auction now.. or wait until I get them? I never did this before, so I don't know the best way to go about it.

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