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Sales and Offers reminder! Some Gets!

Just a reminder about my offers as well as, I lowered some prices in my sales and have some discounts going for a short time!

*DISCOUNTS* from now until 11pm EST on Friday April 18th
-If you purchase at least 6 items totalling at least $40 or more receive 4% off your total before shipping and fees
-If you purchase at least 8 items totalling at least $60 or more receive 6% off your total before shipping and fees
-If you purchase 6 small (under 2") figures or more totaling $10 or more I will ship for free within the USA (you will still have to pay for fees)
-*Lots count as 1 item
---Must have a committed comment before time stated to quilify
--Discounts cannot be combined!


Click the picture to go to my sales, or Click Me! to go to my offers.

Also, some of my recent gets so this post won't be quite so boring!

Pokedolls, Pikachus, and Mews oh my!
Happy to add these to my collection! This Pika plush is maybe the softest plush I own I really love the fabric. The smaller Mew is a Tomy toy from 2004 and it talks - completely adorable. I never thought I wanted a Gengar pokedoll but then when I saw one on Y!J one day I just went for it. xD All these plushes came with tags but i store my tags separate. Froakie was obtained on my most recent trip to Nintendo World, there weren't any Fennekins the day I went. D:
Tags: froakie, gengar, gets, mew, offers, pikachu, reshiram, sales
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