Lisa (slashaddict) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Tales books?

Hi community, it's nice to see you again :) Is anyone currently selling (or about to sell) Pokemon Tales board books?

I'm looking for all of them!
-->except Lapras Makes a Friend, Dragonite's Christmas, Psyduck's Tongue Twisters, and Pikachu's Day<-- Condition doesn't matter as long as it's not gross.

I assume that the prices on Amazon for some of the less common ones(?) are basically randomly selected or algorithmically generated, because the prices are crazy, but if you have any info on pricing of any of the titles, please let me know! Or rarity, sought-after-ness, et cetera. Just any info you have would be great!

Links to scans would also be really appreciated (if there are no scans, I would be happy to scan the ones I have if anyone is interested).

♥ I want to have a solid collection of these to read to my future kids ♥
Thank you!

Edited to add a link to what book collectors deal with ;n;
Tags: books
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