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Small Eevee plush sales ^-^

Hello everyone, me again.
I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.

-I ship from the US, KY. I ship through USPS, basic mail.
If you want priority let me know: It's 5.80 for small plushies and for the larger ones $6-8.
-I am willing to do holds if you're 100% commited; just let me know how long.
I will also accept a payment plan; please send payments to:
-I live in a pet friendly household. I place my items in boxes ontop/inside of my shrunk. The animals can't have access to them, but I cannot guarantee that that they will be without a few pieces of fur on them. My dog sheds a lot. ;-;
-I also live with smokers (Sigh); they smoke outside/in the kitchen. They do no make contact with my plushies.

So these are the items that are for sale.

Spring Eevee
-Spring Eevee UFO 2006 plush: Tush tag. Great condition. $65 shipped + PP fees
Mascot plush
-Eevee (PC 2013 Mascot) Plush: All tags. Great condition. $35 shipped + PP fees.
9" Eevee play by play plush: Tush tag. Great condition; a little scratching on the white (R) part of the eye; has tush tags. $19 shipped + PP fees
-1999 Banpresto UFO Eevee 9" plush: No tags. good condition; little scratching on the eyes. $18 shipped + PP fees
-1998 Nintendo Top Insight Eevee: This plushie is in loved condition; it only has a tush tag that says "Advance Generation". $17 Shipped + PP fees
-(Bigger) Eevee walky plush: Has all tags. Great condition. $35 shipped + PP fees (OBO)

Piplup puppet
-Piplup banpresto 2007 puppet: Tush tag. Good condition a little dirty on the right hand. $12 shipped + PP fees.

Please note I cannot ship out of the country at the moment. I'm sorry.
And that I will ship items out on Saturday.
Tags: eevee, sales

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