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Plush/Cards Sales Post

Wow I've been gone a long time! But I'm trying to thin out my collection to make some space on my shelves. I have some Waku Waku Lotto stuff, several Snivy, some 4th gen era plush, current TCG cards Pictures below the cut!

- Sales Permission grandfathered from 2010.
- Will ship anywhere.
- Prices are in USD and do not include shipping, feel free to ask for a shipping quote.
- Holds for 24 hours only, unless I've worked with you before.
- I accept paypal.
- I usually have doubles of my doubles and lots of stuff not pictured. Ask if you're looking for something specific.
- When buying please copy the image link before listing the items you want from said image. On a PC, right click and use "copy image location" then paste the link in the comment.
For example: Slugma, Goldeen Please do this to make it easier for me to find your cards.
- The more you buy in bulk, the better deal I'm willing to haggle for. Feel free to ask if you're interested in several things.

 photo URs_zps85ebd6bb.jpg
Pokémon Enterprise from EX Battle Boost: 8
Master Ball: 8
Scramble Switch: 8
White Kyurem EX: 10
Lugia: 10
Articuno EX: 10

 photo deckboxes_zps25c0d905.jpg
Empty EX Battle Boost Box: .50
Complete Neo Box, includes Lugia coin and an assortment of cards, the Holos are Heracross and Togetic. 9 dollars.
Boundaries Crossed White Kyurem Deck Box with all included cards 8 dollars.
Empty Froakie Deck Box: 1
Empty Raichu and Gyarados deck box: 1

 photo cards4_zps400915f0.jpg
4 dollars per card.

 photo trainers3_zpscac5a86f.jpg
3 dollars per card.

 photo trainers1_zps93a3de58.jpg
1 dollar per card. All in English other than the Mewtwo deck Pokemon Catcher.

 photo 2trainers1_zps136ff2ee.jpg
Reverse Holo Trainers. 1 dollar per card.

 photo 2trainers20_zps58841699.jpg
.10 per card.

 photo trainers20_zps13030394.jpg
Take them for free if you buy any other cards.

 photo codecards45_zps65c5b990.jpg
129 Unused Codes from various sets. 45 dollars for the Lot OR .40 per card.

 photo rares1dollar_zps26cf934d.jpg
Rares 1 dollars each or 15 for all.

 photo psychic650_zps42f769c7.jpg
69 commons and uncommons Psychics .10 per card or 6.50 for all.

 photo normal450_zpsfd9cab38.jpg
47 commons and uncommons Normal .10 per card or 4.50 for all.

 photo grass350_zpsc954908d.jpg
38 commons and uncommons Grass .10 per card or 3.50 for all.

 photo dark4_zpsbf8df214.jpg
39 commons and uncommons Dark .10 per card or 3.50 for all.

 photo water5_zpsb4c48d1c.jpg
49 commons and uncommons Water .10 per card or 4.50 for all.

 photo fighting3_zps63ef3223.jpg
37 commons and uncommons Electrics .10 per card or 3 for all.

 photo dragon1steels1_zpsa2825398.jpg
13 Steel 9 Dragon commons and uncommons .10 per card or 2 for all.

 photo fighting3_zps63ef3223.jpg
30 commons and uncommons Fighting .10 per card or 2.50 for all.

 photo fires2_zpsd087db3c.jpg
19 commons and uncommons Fire .10 per card or 1.50 for all.

 photo lottofigures_zps2ba76d3b.jpg
Lotto Prize Pokedoll Bowl: 25
Waku Waku Pokedoll Figure Pikachu: 10
Waku Waku Pokedoll Figure Oshawott: 10
Waku Waku Pokedoll Figure Mewtwo: 25
Waku Waku Figure Snivy: 8
Dragonite UFO Plushie, has tush tag, no hang tag: 25

 photo plushies_zps37eadb50.jpg
Reversible Pokeball Snivy: 15
Piplup: 8
Old Poliwhirl: Free, just pay for shipping. Or I'll throw it in with something else.
Minky Ralts Jakks Plush with Hang Tag: 25
Minky Pokemon Center Snivy: 20

 photo dialgasforauction_zpsde0ac4ab.jpg
Auctioning off two of my Dialga plush. The Primal Dialga still has his hang tag and I've never seen for sale since I bought mine and I'll be starting bidding at the price I got it for. If you need any details please ask.

The auctions for both end April 22nd 11:59 PM EST.
13in Pokemon Center Jakks Plush (tush tag, no hang tag) starts at 40
Primal Dialga bidding starts at 80
Tags: cards, dialga, dragonite, mewtwo, pikachu, piplup, plush, ralts, sales, snivy
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