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Guess who got candy??

Meeee!! i ordered candy from caddieneko and it was ramune flavor ^^ I would totally recommend buying from her guys!! :) pics under the cut btw if anyone is selling candy lemme know! I am on the hunt for a pokeball I can open and close about the size of a tennis ball... I only have 7.25 on my paypal so I hope we can work something out! US sellers please :)

image image
I got fizzy candy from kayeechu1993 and the wafer from oyatsu cafe, a Japanese snack food website.  A good friend of mine bought one for me bc I helped him through a huge break up so it was a small thank you but to me it was huge XD I want more of these wafers yum yum <3 and yes, I plan to keep the wrappers XD if you see a pokemon crazed girl on a hoarding tv show who refuses to throw these away dat be me ;)

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