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Shining Gyarados Offers

I was thinking of putting this up on eBay, as I rarely seem to have the time to manage sales these days... However, I'd really like the community to have a shot at this one first :) It was a really hard decision to sell him (anyone who knows my emotional attachment to G/S versions will understand!) but I know he will go to a loving home here.

Sales Policies
- My sales permission was grandfathered.
- My feedback as rachelled (it didn't transfer over to my new name) is here:
- I accept Paypal only right now.
- All prices in USD.
- I ship from Canada! If you need a quote, please ask before agreeing to buy the item.
- Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping! My shipping days are usually Friday to save on gas, so if anything unexpected comes up, that means I've missed shipping for that week. If your order is time sensitive please let me know in ADVANCE so we can work something out!
- If there is anything wrong with your item when you receive it, please let me know! But if it is uninsured, I am not responsible for lost or stolen items in the mail.
- If shipping (or anything else) is a concern, please ask before committing to buy :)

Item Details
This is a very rare Pokemon Center Shining Gyarados plush! He features an articulated spine and super charming good looks. He was made in 2009 and is in mint condition with hang tag and tush tag intact.
(Don't mind the Parasect pin! It's on the netting, not the Gyarados. I didn't notice he was there till I took the photo.)

Offer end time

I will be accepting offers until Wednesday, April 23 at 11:59 PM EST.
(Here is a countdown timer!)

Please offer no lower than $400.
Tags: gyarados, offers
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