sproutpaw (zigguppafu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Questions about some new gets! (edit: and about selling things!)

I got these in a lot on EBay and was wondering what they were and what the worth of them are. I bought the lots for lucario, pichu, turtwig, and torterra so i will probably sell the rest if i get sales permission or on ebay. C: We'll see.

The first picture are all pokemon center plush, and swampert looks like a pokedoll to me but im not sure:

The second pictures all look like Banpresto UFO plushes:


I was wondering if anyone could help me. I'd like to apply for sales permission because occasionally i get some really cool things in lots that i dont want to keep. But before i do, i'd like to know if anyone knows what the paypal fees and shipping fees are within the US? Is there a chart or anything online that would tell me? Also how much do bubble mailers/boxes usually cost? Can i buy them in my local post office? Id really like to give my items good homes. c:

Thank you for looking! :D

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