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Sylveon Gets and Updated Sales!

So my 2nd wall is starting to go the way of the 1st. Hopefully it holds out for another month or 2 before I have to frantically scramble to continue to display incoming pieces XO Picture under the cut!

And here it is in more detail :D
More clearfiles of course (clearfiles are literally some of the neatest "posters")

Sylveon tissues! I'm so tempted to open these to see if there is a printed Sylveon tissue inside :o

My own set of the odd merch, sylveon bubbles!

I also managed to snag a set of the curry, unfortunately didn't pull a Sylveon sticker :/ But I did get to try the curry, I've never had curry in my life, I didn't end up being a fan <.< It was sweet like apples in gravy, not sure about that....

Banpresto Keychain (These are so well made, I already want a 2nd)

Sylveon and Eevee towel like pouch, this ended up being so much larger than I expected, I was thinking a little dice baggy, but it would hold ALOT of dice XD

Sylveon and Eevee muffler towel! I finally understand it's purpose, you use it to keep your neck cool! There's a little pouch in the center for an ice pack.

Then we have the Sylveon and Pikachu scrunchie (gosh darn it Pikachu, bug off all Sylveon's merch!!)

Next is the pink placemat. This thing popped up out of nowhere. It doesn't explicitly focus on Sylveon but it was interesting and had one of my other fairy collections on it (Flabebe). Plus the pink keeps in theme with all the Sylveon merchandise. It's a nice silky material with embroidered edges to keep it from fraying.

Also managed to grab one of these cute oversized coin purses with Sylveon on em' when FJ did a short promotion for 10% off rakuten purchases. It was the perfect time to go ahead and get her :3 I occasionally flip the purse so I can enjoy both sides as they're so cute.

Lastly is my giant poster *_* The more and more time this beauty adorns my wall I find myself more and more in love. So many interesting ads on it and the top portion has some of the larger images of Sylveon in my collection with all the accompanying pokemon looking energetic. While it does take a rather large amount of space, I'm coming to terms with it. As long as I can get a decent sized shelf up I should be ok in the display space for at least another 2months or so XD

Be transported to my sales here!
You'll find a popcorn bucket, kids figures, plush, and a Fukuoka Pokemon Center exclusive banner!
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