Evie the Snowy ✿ (eviesnow) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Evie the Snowy ✿

Really craving this plush!

Edit: Got one! :D Thank you to everyone in the comments and everyone who PM'd me!

Hai guys it's me again, I post a lot. x) But this time I have a wants post... for an Eevee! The I ♥ Eevee Lying Banpresto plush to be exact!

I love the look of this plush beyond belief, I've actually been hunting her for a few months but she's always been either too pricey, with no hang tag or I've not been sure of legitimacy. I'm not even sure if this plush gets bootlegs but I've seen a few which have had different-looking fabric and I didn't wanna risk it. o.O

So I'm looking to spend no more than £30/$50 on her, postage depends. I live in the UK so postage may be pricey but I'd like to work the costs of the plush around that if possible.

If anyone has one they'd like to sell or knows where I can get one for a decent price (not Pokevault xD), let me know! :3

And for anyone that may have some Sylveon items for sale... check out my wishlist on my main page! :D
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