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Psychic gets & Chimeco/Pikachu wind chimes question

Hey guys!
Psychic is my favorite type so this month in the cranes has been really exciting for me!
I also have some cool new flats including a few from the comm so I thought I'd make a tiny gets post~
I also have a quick question at the bottom! Click the cut for gets :D

Banner by me!
This guy is so cute, omg! ;-; My fav of the Psychic MPC's that came out in the cranes this month.
I have him hanging on my bookshelf arm that holds my Espeon collection so I have psychic side by side ^^
Photo 2014-04-18 0 22 24
Here's an Espeon plush I purchased from Caffwin which I picked up when we met while she was on vacation in Japan!
I love this mini guy so much! Probably my fav plush in my collection now as I prefer smaller plush like these. ♥
Photo 2014-04-18 0 23 29
I've also got a few new flats that I'm really excited to share! I really love vintage and interesting art so I was really happy to find some of these!
The top two are magnets, Froslass is elevated!
The first two in the 2nd row are menkos :D the small one is from tdotakichan and it's holo which I didn't know when I bought it and was super happy to find out! ;w; The attack amada is from Caffwin and the rest are blind package gets ;D
The last three I got in an amazing vintage lot. Chimeco is a fav. obviously :D and I love this waving Nurse Joy lenticular! I'll def be making that into a gif eventually because it is way too cute~
Photo 2014-04-18 0 09 17
Was excited to find this Chimecho attack card with the other flats! This ditto carddass is amazing for obvious reasons, and the awesome Ash card has a little surprise!
Two holos from the Yuka Morii card collection I'm starting and the mareep and Vulpix are from latias_latios_7! They aren't Yuka Morii clay cards but theyre definitely made out of some kind of clay so I was happy to add these to my collection as well ('u')/
Photo 2014-04-18 0 14 55
And for the surprise, look! It glows in the dark 0-0 (amazed) Anyone have any info on this card? It's so awesome ;-;
And finally a card file to hold them all ^w^
Elesa is my second fav. gym leader so I settled on this one ;D
I'm tempted to try and make my own custom card file with Sabrina on it for my post cards since I need a file for those now too!
Photo 2014-04-18 0 21 35

I also had a question about these wind chimes that were released on the 15th of this month.
I'm wondering if anyone living in Japan has seen them yet? My local spots don't carry them and I don't want to miss out on these guys like I have with other releases lately D:
I also haven't seen I love Pikchu/I love Eevee in my room at all so it looks like I completely missed out on those as well. I'm wondering again if anyone saw those in the machines?
Thanks for looking and any help regarding the UFOs would be appreciated!358
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