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gets and wants

it's been a while since i've posted anything i've gotten and since i've gotten bunch of new owl stuff, i figured i should show them off here ! i also included some wants since i actually have money to spend on things i'd really like.

here's all the stuff i bought from helloskitty about a month ago (i think), minus the noctowl pog in the lower right corner haha. there's calendar page that features hoothoot, a penciboard with hoothoot, some stickers, puzzle piece and a keychain (the pokeball opens up and it's a digital clock). tho i actually had the keychain already so now i have two haha.

close up of hoothoot on the pencil board. i know there's more items that feature this same image, a plastic binder and a bag that comes in two sizes.

close up of the trozei stickers, i love these so much !

some korean sticker sheets, i forgot who i bought these from ;-; i know they were a member but i have no idea what their username was lmao.

close ups of the owls on the sticker sheets, i might just cut them off of the sheets.

got this very sparkly sticker from hebilea ! i also bought a spritzee pan sticker but i gave that to my girlfriend.

bought this v-trainer/thinkchip holder thingy from a community member, but i forgot you username too, i'm sorry ! i left you feedback already tho haha.

bunch of merlin stickers with the owls on them, most of these are from rainyan !

and there's this bell keychain with hoothoot on masterball. i've been eyeing this keychain on y!j for like months now and i finally decided to grab it. it's in very good condition and the masterball is made out of some sort of metal so the chime sounds really nice !

and lastly a substitute plush i grabbed from gin and tomy virizion i got from ebay for $10, mwt. it was an impulse buy so i decided to give it to a friend who loves virizion as a gift since i don't really do anything with this plush and it's quite big.

now as for my wants, here's some of the stuff i'm looking for:

1:1 totodile **** i really want this plush, i've been searching for one for years and always let them slip from my hands if i saw one for sale. i don't care about the condition, i just really REALLY want this plush to be mine.

hoothoot keychain, dome figure, kelloggs spinner, clear and normal hoothoot kid figure, noctowl v-trainer, hoothoot mini model figure, "action" keychain, another keychain, hoothoot on poke/masterball (what is this ?) and noctowl tomy

hoothoot throw plush, hasbro hoothoot, japanese/americal noctowl pokedoll, yawarakai hoothoot, noctowl friends, play-by-play hoothoot cushion

you can see more wants from here: (i'm currently adding more stuff there)
you can also offer any other stuff with hoothoot or noctowl that's not on my collection site !

i'm located in finland so please be sure you can ship worldwide if you're gonna offer anything from my wants !

and notice for my buyers (i will message all of you about this as well if you don't see this): all the packages were supposed to be sent tomorrow but i realised that the post office is not open tomorrow and next time i can send stuff is on next week. so please i ask you to be patient with this, it was my fault because i forgot tomorrow is a holday. u-u
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