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~Lowered prices on Ebay Lots, Small Sales, Wants~

Hey all!

I'm still doing a lot of weeding now that I'm in my new home. I need more space for Sylveon and future collections like Hawlucha and megas. I've accumulated a lot and put a handful of items on ebay. All with lowered prices. Most of this stuff is new, Eeveelutions and plush. You are getting a great deal on these items considering how much I spent on them at the time.

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 2.30.09 PM
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I'll be having an auction for single items next time. Mostly Eeveelution merchandise and some Sylveon extras I've come across.
I need to unpack them and take proper photos.

~Run on over to my small sales!~


*I was granted pkmncollectors sales permission by Lineaalba 2009.
*My community feedback can be viewed HERE.
*I ship from California, USA.
*I accept Paypal, only.
*I live in a smoke-free home with no animals.
*I ship worldwide.
*I do trades for only things located on my WANTS LIST~

Pikachu Promo Magazine Blanket $25
Japanese Mewtwo Plush New w/Tags $35

Eeveelution Vanity Pouch $60

Eeveelution Blanket $70

Sylveon and Friends "Happy Party Time" Vanity Pouch $30

Eeveelution Garbage Tin $45
Never used. Was on display.  Not sold in stores.


Pokedex Trainer Kits $12 shipped.
They look like this Sylveon one above.

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 11.38.31 AM
A box comes with three pokemon plastic cards, a pokedex and a piece of candy. They're a great item to have for any of these Pokemon collections!

Number 2 box: Yveltal/Frogadier/Pikachu x2
Number 3 box:Chespin/Braxien/Bulbasaur x2 x1
Number 4 box:Fennekin/Quadlin/Mega Mewtwo Y x2
Number 5 box: Froakie/Dedenne/Squirtle x2

~Sylveon wants~

Thanks for checking in! More soon.


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