greengengar (greengengar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Intro Post + a Unique Get

Hey comm!! I am so super excited that I have been accepted into the community. I have been a pokemon fan since 1998 but didn't really start actively collecting until 5 years ago after I played leaf green. I started off with a single charmander keychain figure from my childhood and before too long I fell in love with cards and figures and then everything to do with pokemon. So then I started constantly to hunt down any and every pokemon merch I could get my hands on at garage sales, markets, secondhand shops and sometimes ebay. Before, price was always the biggest obstacle with being a student and all, but now I would say space is my one true foe.

Five years on and a move out of home has left me with hardly any room to display all my things that make me happy. I now only have less then a 1/4 out on display and the rest is in storage. One day I hope to have a room for the single purpose of displaying my pokemon collection. I mainly collect tomy figures these days because I don't have room for plushies. However, that doesn't stop me sometimes when you just cannot resist. I have a lot of pokemon merch but I still wouldn't call me a hardcore collector. I'm more of a pokemon hoarder because condition doesn't always mean everything to me.

I really love looking at everyone's collections and gets. It inspires me to learn more about pokemon merch and to start pin pointing my collection into collecting particular things. I live in Australia and I would love to know some sellers based here so that postage isn't such a killer.

Sorry to have put you to sleep but I thought I would show you my newest get. Some would probably not care too much for this but I love weird and quirky items. So to cut a long story short. My friend went to a con last weekend and lined up for hours just to meet Veronica Taylor (the voice of original ash and may), so I could not resist this opportunity for her to get this signed for me ^-^


In the coming weeks I would like to post some more pics of my collection. So stay tuned.
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