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Tangible and Intangible Gets !

Hi guys !! I got a few lovely gets these past few days that I wanted to share before I get this one package I'm anticipating.

I got a packet of these soda sticks honestly for just Sylveon in the back LOL I haven't decided if I want to eat these yet or not !

This next package is from caddieneko !! I'm so excited about it, see the first package I got from her got lost or resent back to her or something. But she was so lovely enough to resend it and add a few things to replace the things that got lost.

So she actually sent me a small package filled with snacks and a cutie Arpakasso plush !! omgosh I love Arpakasso and it's actually amazing that this is my first one ever. (And a big coincidence that one of my friends is at Sakuracon right now and they bought me another too, don't fuel me I may start collecting alpacas)

Anyway she also sent me a sealed Sylveon cookie tin ! You may remember I got an empty one the other day, so I'm really glad I got one with the actual cookies inside <3

Now this is even more amazing, I got both versions of the Sylveon pressed pennies !! I thought I'd never find the vertical one. I have like two of the horizontal one. Anyway they're very pretty and shiny irl c:

Now this I got off ebay, ahhh I had to get it as soon as I got it ! It's an analog clock and Sylveon is peeking by the number 8 ! (My new favorite hour) Funny story....since the instructions are in Japanese I didn't know how the alarm worked (I didn't want it on) And I told myself, this is so going to go off at 5am. And it actually went off at 2:30am, I was still awake then but either way it SCARED THE HECK OUT OF ME. I just turned the switch to off and left it that way haha. Anyway very lovely and my first Pokemon clock <3

And I finally got the Sylveon attack kid today !! I adore this figure, I love her fangs showing, I love her expression. Just perfect and beautiful <3

Okay now it's time for the intangible gets, though they're still very special to me !! Did you guys know that besides collecting physical items, I'm also a huge collector of Wifi Pokemon Events? Sylveon has a few of them ! I thought I'd share some of the ones that I have.

Now this lovely girl is called the "Korean Eevee House Sylveon". From January 9th to the 15th of 2014, this Sylveon was available in South Korean Theaters when you preordered tickets to go see the 16th movie. This Sylveon event is one of the rarest of all the Sylveon events and I just got her last night and I'm super stoked !! More info on this event can be read here

This Sylveon is called the "XY Taiwanese Sylveon". It was available in Taiwanese Stores and in Hong-Kong at a 3DS event Party during certain hours. More info on this event can be read here

And this Sylveon is called the "Birthday Sylveon". It was available to people who came to Pokemon Centers when XY came out. If people provided a Birth Certificate they could get either a Birthday Pikachu, Eevee, or any of the rest of the Eeveelution Pokemon, up to 2 weeks before or after their birthday. These Pokemon are very special because they come with a special move called Celebrate. It doesn't do anything but it has a very nice animation. Basically the Pokemon comes out of a birthday present and congratulates you for your birthday ! It's so cute. More info on this event can be read here

Now this isn't an event but I wanted to show it off anyway, I finally got a shiny female Sylveon <333 I bred her myself in my Black2 game and passed her to Y.
I'm so very happy, she'a already won a ton of wifi battles <33

Anyway thank you everyone for looking as always and hope you're all having a good day !!

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