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A Few gets + Updated Wants List!

Hello community! It's been a while since my last post, so I thought I might get you guys updated on what's been going on in my collecting life!

First up, we have a Chespin Pokedoll! I got him on a recent trip to Nintendo World to celebrate the fact that after about 5 months, they FINALLY got some new plushes in stock!
Mid April Upload
Next is a Meganium TOMY MC figure! I got this off of Amazon (US). Also, it is not a fake because it came in packaging with a rotating gear-like disk, just for anyone wondering.
This one isn't Pokemon related, but I got Yoshi because I visited Nintendo World the day after Yoshi's New Island came out and they were having Yoshi-themed activities throughout the store.
Last but in no way, shape, or form least, UXIE BANPRESTO. HOLY PIXIES. A few weeks ago, this moved from low priority to high priority on my wants list, so I was really hoping to find one MWT for under $30. And sure enough, I won him in an auction on eBay! He's about as big as my Advance Gen Banpresto Venusaur, for those of you who are curious.

So, those were some of my recent gets, and now for my wants:

High Priority:
Mega Venusaur Plush HOLY JKFDGNLRIEVJKGBSHD!!!!!!! THANK YOU POKEMON CENTER JAPAN FOR MAKING ONE AT LONG LAST!!!!!!!! :D :D :D I have this boss preordered from our very own Gin, so thank you too! You are also boss!

Noivern plush- If you can make a freaking awesome plush Pokecen Japan, then anyone can. Just... someone make an official Noivern plush. You've already made a fantastic MC figure, so now make the plush.

Heliolisk Plush- Same as Noivern.

Mega Ring I had no idea when these were coming out, but Pokevault had them today, and I bought it!

Mega Venusaur 4-pack MC figure set with Venusaurite- This is why I got the Mega Ring. I understand there's a Mega Venusaur MC figure out now, but why get that instead of wait a little bit for the entire family AND a mega stone? Oh, and when is this coming out? OH THANK THE HEAVENS I WAS ABLE TO GET ONE OFF OF POKEVAULT!!! Apparently, 60+ mega evolution items came out on the 19th, and he just didn't show them on his website at the time. At least I ordered one! :)

Medium Priority:
Venusaur MPC plush- Just waiting for the release, and it's mine!

Low Priority:
Venusaur 1997 Banpresto plush:
I would love to get one someday, but that can wait.

Extremely Low Priority:
Shiny Entei Pokedoll- When I get the money for one and get the deal of a lifetime on it, I'll think about it.

Venusaur GBA SP- Same as Shiny Entei Pokedoll

BONUS!!! Coming Soon:

Mega Venusaur plush!
Mega Ring!
Custom Venusaur and Mega Venusaur 3DS charms!
Azelf Banpresto plush! (This is actually a gift for my brother, so this isn't going into my collection.)
Mega Venusaur 4-pack MC figure set with Venusaurite!

I hope everyone's been doing well and this has been DSL_WEEGEE!
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