Kenna (ivyaggron) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Easter weekend sales? Come and get 'em over easy!

Hey all you goons! How's it hanging in the collecting life? (I kinda fell off a canyon)

Basically I've decided that I want to shift towards my other video game interests (but I'm still super hardcore on my fellow pokes and a few trinkets) So spring cleaning was behind curtain number one! I've got my whole Arceus, Black Kyurem, and Taillow side collections, some charms, and much more! Come on down~ (A ton of these things will be going to our garage sale and eBay a little before summer)

Homerun Sales New baseballs colored

Also, on another note, I ended up trying out sculpting!


One of my first attempts from a bit back, my bab Karrablast! I messed up his teeth but HECK I still love his bum face <3 I also did a Deino and a Bergmite but this is my shiner~ c:

Hope everyone's weekends are filled with yummy stuff! (Easter chocolate is the bomb >w< )
Tags: arceus, karrablast, sales, swellow, taillow
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