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Mini-cot Collection: COMPLETED!!

Have you ever completed a collection before? After years of searching... I have done it...

Two of the last minicots that I needed for my collection were Treecko and arms-up Pikachu. I got Treecko a few months ago (Like September?!) And SOMEHOW this last Pikachu eluded me until now. It figures, the last minicot I need is something so unbelievably common and not a rare one like Vaporeon or something... and yet it still took me months to track one down. BUT I FINALLY HAVE HIM.

Here is my Mini-cot shelf! Sorry the front row is kind of washed out.

I made a sheet of paper with circles on it, numbered 1-60. Each minicot has a number on the bottom of the base! Do I have all 60???

Of COURSE I do!!! In fact, I have MORE than 60! (But these are custom sculptures by foureyedalien. You can see the Dunsparce she made in this picture!)

Some of my favorites! I love the Ruby/Sapphire Trio!!

I got my first minicot, Totodile, years ago when I first joined PkmnCollectors. I am fairly certain it was the first Group Auction I ever participated in, too! It's been a long time since then. :) I am happy to finally say I have a complete collection of Mini-cots!!!

Thanks for looking!
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