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Hello! *an introduction*

Hi! I'm Meg/Sylvie.
I've been playing Pokemon since January 2013, and I started my collection in May 2013, but I already love it all so so much! When I found PKMNCollectors, it just made me love Pokemon more. Who knew there were so many cool Pokemon things? I'm pretty shy, so I just lurked around, but I finally decided to join today. >w< My fave Pokemon are: Zorua/Zoroark, Sylveon, Suicune, Fennekin. . . And Helioptile and Inkay, and. . . Samurott. . . Okay, There's too many cute Pokemon! This whole collecting thing is gonna be interesting!
My collection is small but growing. My plan is to get one plush of each of my most loved Pokemon. I've already crossed a lot of plush off that list! Yay!
Here's all my plushies. Each of them are named after my Pokemon from the video games, so there's Margaret (Fennekin), Sweetie (Suicune), Blink (Lugia), Phelix (Tepig), Munroe (Skitty), Zoey (Zoroark), Akakios A.K.A. Kiki (Zorua), and Alphonse A.K.A. Alphie (Chikorita).

These are the miscellaneous things in my collection. I also have a binder full of cards, but that would probably take a while to show. That little thing near the bottom of the picture is a bracelet I made to look like Sylveon's ribbons.
I'm looking forwards to expanding my collection and seeing everyone else's grow, too. (:
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