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Big gets post of customs, pokedolls, and more~

I usually don't do "gets" posts very often, but I wanted to show of my new stuff <3 (I also got some clearfiles, but I forgot to take pics ;w;)

photo 5

Click the cut for all the pics (image heavy) :D

(first off, the teaser isn't new. At all. I forgot to take a pic like that of one of my new plushies XD)


Pokebox gets! The Vulpix line charms aren't new- I got those for my birthday from a friend a while ago. But I wanted to include them anyway ;D
I had limited money so I couldn't buy the whole 2014 set (though I'll get the ones I missed later) so I chose my favorite charms from that set! It worked out since Umbreon and Espeon are my favorite eeveelutions, and I like Vaporeon and Sylveon quite a bit too :3 In case anyone was wondering, Jolteon, Espeon, and Umbreon are my favorite ones and Glaceon is my least favorite. Not that I don't like her, I just don't like her as much as the others xD

Next we have my Pikachu McDonalds plush!

I won this plush in a GA a few months ago but the overall GA was lost. It crossed my mind that I still wanted that particular plush, so I typed in "Pikachu plush" onto Ebay and it was the first result xD I named him Riley ^^

Pikachu September charm~ I wanted to get the ones for 9/29/98 (my birthday) but money isn't always a friend ;o;

Japanese CD- I was wondering if anyone could translate the writing for me? Or at least tell me how many songs are on it? I only listened to a few so far, they're so pretty <3

Charms I commissioned from myntii :D They're actually of me, I've always wanted a little anime version charm or figure of me, is that weird? XD I cosplay Team Magma all the time, so that works out well~


More charms! Whoever knows who these characters are gets a cookie :D

Pokedolls/Pokecenter plush from hobby_japan on ebay. (and also the latias poketime charm)
I ordered the package with Litleo two weeks before it came, and I ordered the Meowstic package three days before it came... that was really weird. Not to mention I ordered the Litleo package first 0_0
Amaura's name is Xander, and now I have officially nicknamed a plush of each pokemon from my main Pokémon Y team.
Aside from Pikachu and Espeon, I used the first evolution plush as the nicknamed plush.

So now I have Anya my Espeon, Tara my Fletchling, Riley my Pikachu, Xander my Amaura, Wesley my Bulbasaur, and Giles my Froakie. Again, if you know what show I got the names from you get a cookie 0w0

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