joxxmarie (joxxmarie) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Espeon Pokedoll?

Hi all!  I recently missed the chance to get my hands on an Espeon pokedoll and I've been pretty put out about it.  Along with Vaporeon, it's pretty much the grail for me because Espeon's my favorite pokemon.  So I was wondering, about how much do they usually go for with their tags? (I'm a pretty big stickler when it comes to hang tags.)  This is one of the first instance I've seen on the community in a while so I don't really have anything to compare it to.

Anyone willing to sell theirs?  Or maybe a Vaporeon pokedoll?

Thanks in advance!

Edit:  I got my hands on a Vaporeon, and I just purchased Espeon!  This community is seriously the best :D
Tags: espeon, pokedoll, vaporeon

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