Mitchi (mitchichen) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon town event updates!

I'm so stoked! It's only 2 weeks left till Pokemon Town over here in Korea, so I thought I'd share some updates from their site.

first off, they released a little advert video.

I don't speak a lick of korean beyond "How much is this" and "thank you," but I do understand pictures, sort of! looks like they'll be having, aside from pokemon shopping mall, Pikachu cookie making, a gaming area, movie showings, and some event having to do with mega evolutions.

they also have a preview page for pokemon mall!



And TCGs!

I also checked their normal product page, apparently they're releasing an XY set of these weird little clear plastic toys

I have a couple from the past gen, and they're really neat, but I didn't realize they were actually legit and not some weird bootleg toy! I'll definitely be getting more of these, maybe selling them to people here since they make really cool decorations (I have a glittery little Riolu and it's adorable as a button).

I'm so freaking excited! I might go two days, Saturday and Sunday, the first day to get a look at what they have and get a few things for myself, and possibly a second day to do pickups if anyone is interested. If you want me to get something for you while I'm there, hit me up with a message and I'll make a note to look for it!


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