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Sales everything must go!

Everything must go! I lost my job and am trying to make my ends meet while clearing out this apartment. Everything here is OBO and I ship from Florida. Prices do not include tracking unless asked. Everything that was bought before has been shipped out. Please feel free to make an offer especially on the plush! Everything must go!

Also for sale is a My Little Ponyta shirt and various pony stuff in my journal

I was given sales permission by Gin in January 2011

Here is my Feedback:

 photo sales422014copy.jpg

 photo 20140402_115029.jpg
 photo 20140402_115040.jpg

Zorua small plush $3 OBO

 photo 20140402_110514copy.jpg
Snivy + evolution plush = $6 together OBO
Fennekin Standing Pokemon Center: $18 OBO
Bulbasaur: $8 OBO
Chespin: $6 OBO
Pikachu: $5 OBO
Flareon DX: $22 shipped OBO
Latias pokedoll signed by Cristina Vee: $19 OBO
 photo 20140402_110251copy.jpg

Fennekin keychain: SOLD
Sylveon mini folder x2 $6 for all 2 OBO

 photo 20140402_111103copy.jpg
chespin stylus: $2

Fennekin bag sold

 photo 20140402_105316.jpg
Fennekin Shirt Women's Small : $6 OBO

 photo 20140402_110125.jpg
Women's small : $6 OBO

 photo 20140402_112217.jpg

Women's small: $6 OBO

I also have some pony and adventure time things for sale in my journal here:

Thanks guys!

Tags: bulbasaur, chespin, eevee, flareon, pikachu
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