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Reminder for auctions + my most wanted grail finally achieved!!!!

Hello there guys!
First thing, I wanted to remind you that I have some ongoing auctions that will end in a little over 24 hours!! Here is a teaser pic:

I have some rare items up for auctions, like Eeveelu items, Johto related puzzles, HGSS book and tons ad tons of other things!!
Please click HERE to go there!

Now to my SUPER DUPER ULTRA MOST WANTED GRAIL GET that I have been wanting since I have started collecting Pokemon!!!
Last time, I gave a tiny teaser picture...

I think that most of you already know who it has to do with....

Jackie and Mantyke
Freaking cuties!!!! I am having SO SO much luck with my favorite ray merchandise, but this time, it's exceptional...

I had to dig really deep in my box to get that figure out...

Now let's put you together, shall we?

(I swear this guy was a nightmare to put together, his leg couldn't fit properly, therefore to cut a little of the inside, so it fits x__X)
After YEARS AND YEARS, I was able to get my MOST AND MOST wanted Pokemon merchandise out there. Now you may think, what makes this so rare and exceptional?

During the Manaphy movie, Takara TOMY was selling these capsule figures I believe. These are HIGHLY SOUGHT after items, I have seen the May and Manaphy one go for 400$. At that time when I found out about these, I thought getting the Jackie and Mantyke figure for a good price was impossible. There were a few appearing on Yahoo Japan here and there, but back then, I had just a lack of money, I kept getting outbid on it. After some time, it became a huge grail of mine.
However, after I have been told by riolu that somebody had this figure up for auction just a month or so ago, I immediately went to YJ and look for it and...there it was. I told myself that this time I want to have this figure, NO MATTER THE PRICE. I kept getting outbid by some others, but I ended up getting this figure for less than I thought!!!!

That's why I can finally present you my possible most wanted grail (next to an impossible to find settei), Jackie and Mantyke figure!!!!!!!

I AM JUST SO SO SO HAPPY YOU CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love it when certain figures don't have the standard standing pose. This figure is so so so detailed, with a great dynamic and moving pose! <3333333

More angles...

Wow...I have no words!

Too beautiful for words...

Lastly, a quick look of my favorite little baby ray. Just look at that happy derpface <3333333

Not to mention...

I have bought a tiny lot, which technicolorcage showed to me and that included this uber adorable cup with my rays <333

It's a travel set with cup, toothbrush and tooth paste (which I won't use)! Even the cute toothbrush has a cute silhouette of Mantyke on it!!!! <333333333

And lastly, I was able to get these rare 1999 wind chimes/furin of Pikachu and Charmander!!!! They are SO SO cute <3333
Of course, a Serperior figure I have been looking for as well <333

Thank you so very much guy for looking!!! <333
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