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Get These Out of my Room Sales and April Commissions!

Hello Everyone, I recently did some weeding to my collection and have a few new custom plush that need homes!
001I ship from the U.S. and can ship internationally

002I ship from Texas and use bubble mailers. I ship out within one week of purchase

003I only accept paypal

026I do not sell to banned members, people I've left negative or neutral feedback for, or through P.M.

058All of my quotes and prices are in U.S. dollars

059My sales are first come first serve (if you do not respond within 24 hours, the item will be offered to the next person)

104All items come from a smoke free home (I do have a small dog back home but plush are kept away from her)

105I will trade or partial trade from my wants post ^^

135I am not responsible for items lost in the mail I ship everything within the us with delivery confirmation if it gets lost somehow once it's out of my hands sorry, but I don't give refunds)

134I was granted feedback December 13 2012 by entirelycliched My feedback can be found here
003M.png (32×32) NEW RULE! My plush are not for resale. If I notice you selling one of my custom plush less than a month after purchase or for profit I will ban you from my sales and commissions. I don't make plush for you to make a profit :)

PIkachu Tomy Plush $5
Bootleg Raichu Canvas Plush $2
HQ Eevee Plush (He's in good condition and has his tag attached. I'm really hesitant to let him go but I need more space... so he comes with the fedora, because it's his...yeah.) $35
Large Laying Raichu Plush and Large Mew Plush (were some of the first plush I made when getting back into sewing, They are a little loved and in need of new caring homes) $5 each
Kitty the Butterfree $10
Tora the Seaking $10 Loli the Poliwag $1
Parsnip the Oddish $20
Nike the Bellsprout $20 (she has a pipe-cleaner in her stem that allows her to stand on her own.)

And now onto Commissioning info!
IMG_20140124_211633IMG_20140119_003523IMG_20140210_130846IMG_20131108_200354 - CopyIMG_20130121_220155IMG_20130215_220145
BulbasaurWhat’s the size?
If you don't tell me a specific size the quote I will give you, will be for a standard 5 -6 inch plush. I can make plush up to 2 feet tall
Female RaichuWhat will you make?
Pokemon, Ponies, OC’s, Fursonas, animals ( this includes pets) even human character plush if you like. Pretty much anything, you name it, I’ll make it. I’m always up for a challenge. If you want your plush done in a specific style then I'll ask you for reference images. If you don't have them, that's okay I can draw you up a rough concept sketch, but I draw things by hand and use a scanner so please be patient. :) Essentially if I can draw it then yes I can make it.
GrowlitheWhat do your other plush look like?
If you want to know what my plush look like I would highly recommend you check out my deviantart gallery and or my tumblr for alternate views
ArcanineWhat will my plush be made out of?
You choose the material Felt will always be the cheapest option. A few examples of materials I have worked with and might already have lying around include Fleece, Minky, Faux Fur, and felt.
CuboneHow much will this plush cost?
a traditional 5-6 inch plush made of felt will be anywhere from 20 - 60 dollars depending on how complicated the pattern will be or how many colors the plush will require
a traditional plush 5- 6 inch plush made of fleece will range from 40 - 80 dollars depending on how complicated the pattern will be or how many colors the plush will require
a traditional plush 5- 6 inch plush made of minky will range from 60 - 100 dollars depending on how complicated the pattern will be or how many colors the plush will require.
some styles will end up costing more as size increases price also increases :)
(Also please note that I can't give shipping quotes, because the plush doesn't exist yet and can't be weighed :))
MarowakWhat’s the level of craftsmanship?
I sew everything by hand, and make up all of the patterns so each plush is truly unique. I have been sewing for quite some time now, and I believe all of my plush are of the highest quality.
EeveeHow long will it take you to make my plushies?
Because I sew by hand, please don't expect your plush to be finished within a few days, a more accurate time frame is between 2 - 3 weeks, although I have been known to occasionally knock out a plush in a day or two. ( but I will send you photo updates when you request them and you can keep track of your commissions status on this Post.)
VaporeonCan I commission more than one plush at a time with my slot?
Yes, you sure can! Up to 2 Keep in mind it will take me longer to make additional plush and your shipping will be higher.
JolteonWhat’s your payment method? And when are payments due?
I only accept payments through Paypal. Your plush will be payed for in 2 payment the first will be a material down payment that will be due when you commit to a slot (this is nonrefundable!)  the second will be the total for your plush and shipping (minus the material down payment) that will be due upon your plush's completion. PLEASE REMAIN IN CONTACT!
IvysaurAll of my plush are OOAK! (One of a kind) that means I don’t make duplicates.
I will, however happily make the same Pokemon or character if it is in a different pose/ size, made from a different material, or has any significantly different markings, expression or colors :)

Simplified Style - Simplified plush are made from 2 sided patterns, with no elaborate stitch work. They have many flat 1 sided pieces that are used for the more complicated details of the plush. They have plastic safety eyes instead of embroidered eyes. These plush work best if made of felt.
IMG_20140112_183431IMG_20130920_143651P1010660 - Copy
Traditional Style - Traditional style is similar to canvas in that the pokemon will be proportional. They have elaborate patterns,hand embroidered details and eyes, and are extremely cute.  These plush can be made of any material. (although pokemon with flames (ex. rapidash) work best when made of felt)
IMG_20130215_220145IMG_20130121_220155IMG_20131108_200354 - CopyIMG_20140124_211633
Lazy style -  these plush are made laying down, they will often appear somewhat chibified (larger eyes) They can be made from any material, I can also make them winking or sleeping.
Other Styles- Pokedoll, Pokemon time, and Walky style are all made to resemble the style of pokemon center plush that they are named after.
Dynamic Pose Style- have you ever wanted a pikachu plush that stood on it's tail? or maybe a Cubone in an attacking pose? or perhaps you have always wanted a growlithe plush that had the same pose as your favorite card? If so then this is the style for you! much more complex patterns and details, these plush can be made of any material.
Other Styles- Pokemon time, and Walky style are all made to resemble the style of pokemon center plush that they are named after.
For more examples of my work check out my tumblr
Slots are first come first serve
If you take longer than 24 hours to respond the slot will be offered to the next person in line.
Questions and comments are always welcome :>

Slots available
1.  fleece Noibat-  Creampuffoholic - FINISHED! fixed
2. Phantump Plush - B4ckbone - FINISHED!
3. Leafeon Beanie- Fabledkizmet - 55% completed
4. walky nidoking and lazy grotle - 3kame  - Nidoking - FINISHED Grotle- FINISHED
5. Manetric- haybuddyy FINISHED

*All Commision Slots are full thank you everyone!*
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