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April Sales! XY02 Zukan (Starter Lines and Pancham Line!~) and XY Wild Blaze Boosters/Decks!

Hi everyone! I'm back today after about a month and a half with some new Zukan and card sales! If you ordered some XY kids from me back in March, you probably have long received your figures! If so, I'd appreciate some feedback here! I'll gladly return the favor! :)

Sales Rules:

1. PayPal only, but no eChecks accepted.
2. I ship from California, USA, via First Class/First Class International USPS. My shipping day is Saturday.
3. My feedback can be found at the hyperlink in the first paragraph. My sales permission was granted by denkimouse in 2009.
4. I ship Zukan in the plastic wrap with the paper insert inside of a bubble mailer, just FYI!
5. Happy seeking!

So firstly, I have the newest set of Zukan up for sale! Please take a look (sorry for the glare, under the cut is a largerimage):

I have all of the zukan above listed (I have a lot of each, and I will post when each is sold out. But as now, I have plenty of Zukan to go around!). The price is $5.80, plus shipping!


Chespin/Quilladin/Chesnaught Line
Fennekin/Braxien/Delphox Line ALL GONE FOR NOW!!
Froakie/Frogadier/Greninja Line ALL GONE FOR NOW!!
Pancham/Pangoro Line

Additionally, I have some merchandise from Wild Blaze (XY2) set of Japanese trading cards! There are some popular Pokemon in this set, namely Charizard, so enjoy!

Mega CharizardEX (Y) Power Deck (x2 available) - $24.80 ea.

Wild Blaze Booster Box (1st Edition, FYI) - $31.80 - SOLD!

Thanks for taking a look at my sales, as always! Please comment below with your ZIP code or country so I can give you a quote for shipping and such! Thanks folks, and have a good remainder of the weekend!
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