mit_mat (mit_mat) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New Gets! Yanma & Crobat! More collection pictures too!

I just got in some new TOMYs two days ago.  :D
Also got a few more sealed Auldeys.

These are from blackberry_kiwi along with the Nidoqueen.  :D

These are from kenai3000  :D

Here is the ancient Sneak Peek Video Cassette I got when I was subscribed to Nintendo Power ages ago.

For those of you who have never seen it:
Click Here! (it was the only full version I found, but it's kind of crackly)

Here's more of my pokemon collection:

Video Games woo woo!

Assorted Game Guides!

All those cards that you could get from BK a long time ago.

Topps cards

TFG Figures

T-shirts from TeeTurtle!  :D  Yeah, they're a little wrinkly.  But awesome!

Tags: collection update, crobat, figures, games, tomy, yanma

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