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Display Poll and Sales!

Hello everyone! I haven't posted in a while... college is keeping me pretty busy! I really like collection displays, so I thought I'd do a little poll!

1. How do you display your collection?
2. Is your collection all in one place or spread out?
3. Do you display rarer pieces differently?
4. Do you have cuddle plush on your bed?
5. What do you do with tags?
6. If money/space were not an obstacle, how would you display your collection?
7. Do you like the way you have your collection displayed or do you want to make changes?
8. Do you anticipate and make room for new items or do you just re-arrange when the items come in?
9. Do you have multiples of the same thing? How do you display those?
10. Post a picture!

Also, I'm hoping to clear out some of my stock so that I don't have to haul as many scarves home when I check out of my dorm for the summer. Click on the banner to go to my Etsy store; I've got lots of Pokemon themed scarves still!


I was granted sales permission on May 22, 3013 by entirelycliched

My feedback can be found here:
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