princesspichu (princesspichu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Updated sales and an auction!

Hello comm! :)

I updated my sales with some new items! Including some Pokemon Walky pouches and some more TFGs! :3

Click the picture or here to be transported!

Also, everyone who bought from my sales last week, everything was shipped out on Thursday! ^_^

Now for the Auction!

Each Char will start at $20, not including shipping or fees

✖ I was granted sales permission on January 18, 2014 by entirelycliched!
✖ My feedback can be found here!
✖ I ship Thursdays from Texas and not doing international shipping at the moment
✖ No backing out, deleted or edited comments!

✖ Auction ends Wednesday April 23, at 12:00:00 am CDT
✖ Countdown is here!
✖ A 5 minute extension will be added to each bid!



✖ Both boxes have a few dents and wear
✖ Any questions, just ask!

Please wait until this is crossed out to bid!Bid away!

Until next time~♥
Tags: auction, bayleef, charmander, charmeleon, eevee, mew, pikachu, pinsir, sales

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