jessyistired (jessyistired) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Trade me your: Eevee walky pouch?
^ I am looking for a C-Eevee walky pouch.

I am hoping to trade ANY item in my TL for this item:
You can find the items I am trading on my Weebly page:
Would anyone like to trade? It doesn't matter if there is no tags as long as I can use it for coins (& maybe cards in there?) then it's all fine.

If nobody is interested in trading then I am selling items still. x3

Please click the image to be transported to my sales.

+I have a Pokemon tumblr account -Jessyistired.
If anyone has one please add me and I will follow you as well. I'm looking for pokemon fans to follow x3
Tags: eevee

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