Yasmin (pikabulbachu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Small gets&wants post

Hello comm & happy easter! :3


This is only a small post for my wants and my latest cute gets! (I'm so sorry that I haven't leave feedback for the seller but everytime I forgot the username :/ Maybe because of the long shipping time to germany u.u' )


Look under the cut for my supercute gets!


Dedenne pokedoll!!!!!!

He arrived for a couple of days but I havent the time to post it. This was my first japan pickup and I'm very happy to own this very cute pokedoll! :D He is supersoft and cute!!


Secondly my pokemontime tin from a group auction:

Its beautifuller than I thought. And bigger than the older pokemon time tins!

Also very cute on the back!

For my wants - I have decided to complete my Southern Island card set, so I'm searching for all of these except butterfree, togepi, ledyba, vileplume and ivysaur. Would be awesome if anyone can help me out :))


Thats all, thanks for looking!


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