acidmimi (acidmimi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hoppy Easter!

-I ship from the U.S. to anywhere
-I typically ship next day
-My prices do not include shipping!
-I accept haggling
-I also am currently accepting trades, just show me what you have but don't be offended if I decline!
-Happy buying <3
-please note that international shipping for non flats starts at 6$, if that is too much please don't ask, I've been losing money because I feel bad and give heavy discounts for shipping :(
- ALSO if someone claims to be committed to an item while you are just inquiring they get rights to the item.

Now onto the sales!

figures 001

Metwo motion gallery figure 2x 3$
Sleeping Bunnelby 3$
Fennekin figure 5$

 photo eastersales007_zpsee672d6f.jpg

Pan Stickers!

Absol 1$
The rest .50

 photo eastersales008_zpsf1a58fc8.jpg

Trozei stickers! 1$ each

 photo eastersales009_zps7afda61d.jpg

Little Clip things! xD

Sylveon 4$
Noivern 4$
the rest are 3$

 photo eastersales010_zps9b70edaa.jpg

Sticker sheet featuring Sylveon and friends and mewtwo and genesect 5$

 photo eastersales011_zpsb127e4a8.jpg

Clearfiles 7$ Each

 photo eastersales012_zps4bb4d582.jpg

Pokemon napkins 4$ each

Pokemon Center pressed coin with kalos starters 3$

 photo eastersales013_zps7d4c8b5c.jpg

Bottle holders 2$

 photo saleseons003_zpsb405776f.jpg

Dedenne tiny picture (painted by me!) 7$
Eraser with meowstic dedenne and friends 4$

 photo saleseons004_zps07931694.jpg

(other side of the same eraser)

I have one of each of these planes except for sylveon. Each plane is 2$

 photo sylveonssalesandupdate049_zps42120d5b.jpg

 photo sylveonssalesandupdate051_zps40b193df.jpg

 photo sylveonssalesandupdate050_zps2dfe5e50.jpg

Bromides with sylveons 5$ (I have the one featuring pikachu and sylveon hugging)

All other bromides 2$

Bromide with lucario and absol are sold

 photo sylveonssalesandupdate056_zpsc7eb5022.jpg

Pikachu socks 6$
All others are sold.

 photo sylveonssalesandupdate055_zpse81ecf73.jpg

Bronze yveltal coin sold
Bronze meowth is sold
Silver meowth 5$

Thanks guys! :D

Also Sorry I've been less active on here, my life has been a little crazy lately, I'll spare the details! But I still try to comment as much as I can and I love this comm, and soon I will hopefully get an update of my collection up :)
Tags: bunnelby, dedenne, fennekin, froakie, genesect, hawlucha, mewtwo, noivern, sylveon
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