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gets and question?

Hello everyone!
today i have some gets and a question, first the question. ive seen this item pop up on ebay twice now i think. it says it a preorder that will be out april 26th. is says its a takara tomy plush and that its very rare. i was wondering if when it is released are these plushes known to be rare or is this just an ebay thing? also is ebay the only place where i can order it from right now? should i wait? how big are these plushes normally? Thank you for any help!
Screen shot 2014-04-20 at 4.57.18 PM

now onto gets!

the first card is see through and sparkly the other card is a sticker sheet (front and back) i wish swirlix had more poses but i dont know what else they would be ^^'
the pokedoll is sooooo soft! its really cute and i highly recommend it!

im also looking for any swirlix items i dont have. if you have anything you think i dont have please link me to your sales or tell me about it! really interested in stickers but i want everything i can get ^^
Thank you!
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