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1:1 Hasbro Pikachu bootleg question

Hello community,

I have a question for those of you who own this plush:

It's the Pikachu 1:1 Hasbro/Tomy plush, also called Hasbro Jumbo plush. I believe it was released in 1999.

I recently got one and I heard that bootlegs exist of these plush, so I wanted to be absolutely sure about it.
The seller told me they bought it in the store back in 1999 or something, and not on the internet, so I think it's no bootleg.

However, I made a photo of its tush tag:


The tag is not looped but is just one single flat piece of paper.

Can anybody who owns this plush have a look at its tush tag and tell me whether mine looks right and theirs look the same?

Has anybody seen bootlegs of him? I have no idea how the bootlegs I heard exist look like. I have seen some weird-looking Pikachus on the internet which have a somewhat similar shape but a weird face or weirdly stitched mouth etc.

Otherwise, my Pikachu looks exactly the same as on the photos I found on the net. His fur is neither minky nor velboa (like on Pokedolls), but some kind of other polyester fabric, and it's a bit fuzzy, but short-fuzzy. His eyes are hard plastic and his cheeks are also some kind of harder material, but they are made of a coarser fabric, but underneath them are a bit harder you know?

Here are some pictures of mine:




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