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Post-Easter Multipurpose Post - Gets, Collection Update, Leftover Sales, Sales Update

Hey All,

I had a pretty fun but busy Easter weekend. I crammed to finish up one of my papers on Friday since I knew I would be out on Saturday due to a friend's birthday activities. I did not prepare to be out so late that night though and I pretty much knocked out on Sunday at around 5pm. I didn't wake up until this morning and I actually think this is the most sleep I've had in a long time.

With that said, I took these photos on Friday since that is when my package arrived at the post office but I am only posting today. As with my last posts, Zorua will be helping me unbox.

I normally don't order the entire set, but this was one of the times I liked more than 80% of the set.

My assortment, I will be posting the leftovers for sale.

The kids I really wanted from the set!

I'm not a huge Sylveon fan but this kid looks awesome.

My Eeveelutions are complete! I'm also not a hardcore Eeveelution collector but at least I can say I have one complete set. =]

My original Fletchling kid. It has an angry influence now.

My Litleos! I have no idea what to do with my Litleo and Fletchling items. I don't really want to make them "side collections" but I already have more than one item of them.

After taking those gets photos, I decided to just make a collection update in terms of how my current displays look.

I went to my first anime convention last month, Anime Matsuri, and I was actually able to resist making any collection purchases since I would have gone broke. However, my friend bought this poster for me since she knows how much I collect. Fortunately, her choice actually matched one of the Pokemon I casually collected and I upgraded my display into my bookshelf!

There is now an empty space next to Reshiram but it probably won't be very long before the space is filled.

Unfortunately, my sales lots from about a month ago aren't doing very well so I have decided to split my sales back up into an actual sales post. It will be located in my journal and I will probably continue to keep it open until I start getting busy with exams and what not.

Click the photos or here to be transported.

Thanks for reading!
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