Amanda (coiffwaff) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Introduction and a small want!

You might have seen a comment or two from me already but I decided it was time to post my little introduction.

My name is Amanda and I've been lurking for a pretty long time. I am from Sweden and my English is not the best, at all. I think you'll at least be able to understand me but I apologize for all the spelling mistakes I'll probably make now and then!
I have been a fan since the start of the series and also I've been buying Pokémon things here and there since they first started showing up in stores. But it was first when Furfrou was revealed that I instantly decided to start collecting a specific Pokémon! Just like many others I have dreamed about a poodle Pokémon for a long time and I still really can't believe that she actually exist! ♥ My long term goal here in the community would be to own everything released of my favorite Pokémon if that is even possible and also maybe even make some friends! Now for the want.

I have been looking for this Furfrou Pokédex Ramune sticker for a pretty long time now to no avail, any help would be very appreciated! Found one! Thank you for reading.
Tags: furfrou, introductions, wanted

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